Serious Concern On Uhuru’s Health After He Addressed The Nation


On the 6th of July president Uhuru Kenyatta made the long and most anticipated announcement concerning the reopening of the economy, houses of worship and lift on the ban of movement into and out of Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera counties.

Photo: Robert Alai’s post

However, what the attention of popular and controversial blogger Robert Alai is the physical appearance and out look of the president.

“I watched the address by President Uhuru and a single major thing worried me. The President is overweight and unhealthy. I ask those close to the President like @NziokaWaita, please tell him to take care of his health. Please!!! A risk to him is a risk to the country,” Robert Alai remarked.

Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta

Robert Alai urged people who are close to Uhuru Kenyatta encourage him to take good care of his health because a risk to him could be equally a risk to Kenyans.
This comments by the blogger Robert stired up public uproar as Kenyans roasted him for disrespecting the president and not having facts.

“No Alai. The president is Happy. Do not confuse happiness with being overweight,” Brian Bwana.
Kimathi Mwichiria tweeted, “What metric(s) did you use to judge that the President is overweight and unhealthy?If it is the looks,I think you look more overweight and unhealthy that Uhuru.Remove the log in your eye before you see the speck in his eye.”
“Useless sentiments,you keep seing Uhuru weight,unhealth.He has doctors and paid pple to take care of about you?”MPM commented


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