Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka Disappoints Citizen TV Viewers

Photo: Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka

Citizen TV journalist Jeff Koinange had announced on the 24th of June that he was to interview Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka.
Most Kenyans were anxious to listen to former Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka answering to controversial questions on the changes that happened in the Senate recently.
However to their disappointment, Speaker Kenneth Lusaka disappeared on phone and efforts of Jeff Koinge to reach him did not succeed.

Photo: The interview advert

“He is witness & umpire to heated debates & political rancor & lately, the bearer of the news of leadership changes and implementer of the wishes of Parliamentary parties. What is it like to be Speaker of the Senate? We get it direct from Kenneth Lusaka on JKL,” Jeff Koinge tweeted earlier on.

Photo: Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka

Kenyans went on social media expressed dissatisfaction they urged Jeff Koinange not to ever invite him to the show again.
“He knew it was a trap for the sake of sanitizing someone. Jefu is system and that is why whenever Atwoli talk bad of dp he is invited to the bench instantly, “Richard Bungei.

Job Osoro, “Felt disappointed ☹️☹️,he should never be invited again”
However as Jeff Koinange was finishing the show he promised Citizen TV viewers that they should expect a better show next time.


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