See Amazing Photos Of Jalang’o’s Expensive Mansion In His Home Village In Siaya


Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o is a celebrated radio personality and a comedian who is a public figure. He’s one of the famous comedian and radio presenter who is Popularly known on the basis of his Comedy he embrace. He’s a high paid radio presenter as per reports submission.

The celebrity Jalang’o has built an amazing mansion in his home Village in Siaya County. It’s reportedly the photos he shared in social media showing the completed mansion. It’s well build and designed in a way that it creates attraction and attention.

Inside parent’s compound is a small rounded house called “Simba”, this is a house build for boys whenever they are in the compound as per the tradition in Nyanza and even in Western region. As a renowned celebrity, Jalang’o has taken care of his parent where he has build a classic house for them.

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