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Secrets A Man Should Tell A Woman Before Deciding To Marry Her

Lamech Bwabi



When you decide to tell someone that you have loved them, then it means you are committed and dedicated to them. Even the scriptures say that a man and woman who have agreed  to live together as husband and wife are bounded and become one. Therefore your secrets are her secrets and her secrets are your secrets.
Men tend to be tricky when giving some vital information especially when flirting. They give false information that may sound pleasing so that they can win the girls heart. However these has come to ruin most marriages and it is important for a man to reveal the following information to a woman before beginning their love story.
Financial Status
Very few people accept their financial status.
The pride in men always forces them to put themselves in a class they do not belong so as to win their desired women heart. Most of those unemployed fall in this trap. They end up taking loans to meet a girls demands yet they are broke with lose boxers. It is good to tell her your financial status so that they can lower or raise their demands.
Previous relationship
Before one decides to marry, they have gone through much challenges and must have had a previous relation. Research has shown that it is hard for one to forget their first love for it acted like the foundation of their love story. Talking about the previous relation lowers suspicion and creates new ideas on how to build on your new relationship.
Men can be amazing sometimes. A man can borrow a friend the house so as to lie to a woman they want that it is their residence. It is good to accept your status without faking because one day the truth will be known. Let her know your official residence or maybe you don’t have a house so that they can decide if to stay with you or they deserve somewhere better.
Number of children
These links up with previous relationship. Tell her if you have children and it’s good to say the number so as to avoid future confrontations. It is preferred to number them by their names so that they can be known.
You cannot hide your family from your live. Even if your relation with them was ruined, tell her. She can be the source to bind you together and thus ensure you get the blessings that were preserved for you. No one lacks relatives.
Place of work
Men will lie about their place of work just to please a woman. Don’t try to please a human being. If you are a mjengo person or jua Kali, be proud of your work because it is what feed you. Remember no matter how successful you are in lying, one day the truth shall be known and it might end in tears.

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