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Secret Uhuru’s Details Emerges; Fearless Legislator Leaks Why Kenya Keeps On Borrowing

Daniel Mutuva




Kenya has been marked for its high debt rate setting the country into an intricate stage of accrued debts. Since the entry of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, the country’s debt rate has shooted igniting mixed reactions amongest Kenyans.

However, President Uhuru Kenyatta has been bitting a drum over corruption, a move that has been seen rampant in the country.

Different political leaders have been spotted over corruption scandals that involves millions of money and left scornful or if taken to court, left on a bail of amount less than the one involved in scandal.

When other Politicians marked with corruption scandals, they claim it’s political war against their political enemies seeking help form their political party.

Leaking details, Narok senetor Ledam Ole Kina has shown off how president Uhuru Kenyatta has succeeded in controlling parliament and executive blindly not questioning the high rate of borrowing experienced.

Ole Kina stated that parliament as the house of law formulation has failed to control or even stop the rate of borrowing.

“President Uhuru has succeeded in controlling Parliament!! We can no longer check the executive! Leadership of Committees must toe the line or you are shown the door! This is why Kenya is in a borrowing spree and not even parliament can stop it! That’s the reality! Naked Truth!,” Senetor Ledam Ole Kina stated

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