Schools Reopening;Worrying Details Emerges As Schools Reopen Setting Parents In Panic



As schools set to reopen today as scheduled by the ministry of education, worrying Details has emerged pertaining the move. Due to covid-19 pandemic that storms in the country, the ministry of education in conjunction with the government made a bold step of shutting up all educational institutions in a bid to curb further spread of covid-19.

The ministry of education upon the fattening of covid-19 curve reopened schools partially by considering grade 4, class 8 and form four. However it later announced the fully Reopening of other classes on January 4th 2021 that takes effect today.

Despite the move, schools Reopening has been termed as the big test as covid-19 pandemic intensfy as per reports by local newspaper Daily Nation dated January 4th,2021. As learning process resumes today after a nine month break due to the covid-19 pandemic, teachers and Learners are bracing themselves for unusual experiences as parents worry about the safety of their children amid a possible spike in infections.

Parents are worrying about the safety of children in schools whereas teachers and Learners are in state of worry as the government failed to construct more facilities to cater for social distance measure.

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