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Sail On Sailors! Mwalimu Rachel Finally Parts Ways With Sailors Gang

Melinda Venessa



Sailors 254 gang which is undeniably among the top most best gengetone music group judging from the fun and sweet music they produce has been having a pretty much difficult time trying to leave their former manager Mwalimu Rachel’s management MRX Media after being entangled in some drama with her since she was holding on to their YouTube account logins and passwords and was not willing to let go of that demanding a pay of Ksh. 1.5 million from the work her entire management had put in growing and nurturing the Sailors brand.

It was kind of hard for her seeing the boys grow and wanting to move from her management and she had to impose the terms yet there was no contract or agreement keeping the two together. After a series of drama, Sailors group decided to start from scratch and went on to open a new YouTube account for their music urging subscribers and die-hard fans to support them again.

Just recently, it was a turn of events. It seems like Mwalimu Rachel was paid because she couldn’t have just handed over the logins of the group’s YouTube account. From a post she shared on her Instagram, she clearly stated that she’s now no longer involved with Sailors, and that her management has let go of Sailors and are now nurturing and growing some new promising fresh talent that they are yet to introduce to fans soon.

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“It is well. Proud of what my team @mrxtotheworld and I were able to achieve. We shall no longer be taking any bookings on behalf of Sailors nor represent them. #SailOn we wish them well” read the post.


“Under our management as MRX Media limited we have overseen the growth of Sailors 254 from unknown talent to the present day popularity they have garnered. We are pleased to have played a major role in the building of the brand, and proud of our role in amplifying the voice of the Kenyan youth. As we expand, Sailors 254 will no longer be represented by us. We are excited for the future, and cannot wait to introduce fresh, brilliant talent to the world moving forward.”


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