Safaricom Ranked Top Among The East African Companies


A report that was published by the South African Business Magazine ranked Safaricom as the leading company in the East Africa region.

The research was carried out among 17 East African companies whose value was at $20.2 billion (3.4 % of total market revenue of the companies analysed).

The Safaricom telecommunications company was listed as the most valuable company in the East Africa region, with a market revenue generation of $9.96 billion and a net cash inflow of $598 million.

The $10 billion market worth made Safaricom to be ranked at the 10th position on the continent, an improvement from 14 in last year’s ranking.

Safaricom defeated sister companies such as Vodacom Tanzania improved from position 98 from 135 last year. However, Tanzania Cigarette Company moved to position 105 from 146 last year.

The South Africa companies took of the market capitalisation of this year’s rankings as leading companies have gone globally and their international markets


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