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Sad News To These KCPE Candidates

Edwine Agesa




The once famous Kakamega twins are still stuck at home despite the national exams being only weeks ahead. According to reports on Wednesday February 17, the twins do not have any money to support their education.

The twins, who did rounds on TV between April and July of 2019, are reported to be stranded with no way to get back into their schools.

Mevis, Melon and Sharon were a classic tale of switched at birth and excited the nation with their wild story. The three realized foul play when Mevis saw a picture of Sharon on Facebook looking exactly like her.

The twins then planned a meet up and were finally interviewed on various media platforms. This led to a storm of attention from well wishers and some who promise r to support them.

The 2020 year was ruined by Covid19 hence the school program had to be rescheduled. 2021 had schools resuming and this has put the twins in limbo.

All the promises fizzled out and the twins are still at home waiting on the promises they were given.

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