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Sad News To Kenyan Alcohol Lovers After A New Development

Job Maangi



Photo: Alcohol products

Alcohol and drug substance abuse has greatly affected Kenyans as some people have become addicted, lost jobs and others broken families.

The Government has for the past few years come up with the measures curb the recklessness in alcoholism and drunkardness in the country.

There is a bill that is expected to taken to parliament concerning the sale of alcoholic drinks which will lead to a change in the packaging of beer, wines and spirits whose minimum volumes will be adjusted to 750 mililtres from the current 250ml.

If the bill is passed this is likely to make it more expensive for the alcohol addicts to access the drinks and sustain the price.

This will end the sale of the 250 ml which is usually referred to as “Ka Quarter” which what most poor people purchase in the country.

Covid-19 Pandemic had already affected the alcohol manufacturing and selling in the country as the government imposed restrictions on the bars and restaurants.

ABAK Chairperson Gordon Mutugi in an interview with Smart Business, said that the move to increase the Minimum alcohol milliliters to be sold to Kenyans will greatly affect the industry and thus reduce the tax collected by the country.

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The move to have the excise duty removed by Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), Coca-Cola beverages Africa, UDV Kenya Limited, Kenya Wines Agency Limited (Kwal) and Trufoods Limited did not succeed.

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