Sad Day For Hustlers, Ruto Impeachment Process Finally Kicks Off


The deputy president Dr William Ruto’s impeachment drive has continued to gain momentum with leaders against the DP rallying behind it.

Jubilee Party Vice Chair David Murathe last week said that the leaders allied to the president will support the motion to have Ruto impeached and they could like to see him sent home packing.

ANC party through Lugari Mp Ayub Savula will officially start the process of collecting signatures from the members of parliament which, will enable them ouster the Ruto from office.

Ayub Savula says that he upto task and he will ensure that Ruto is ejected from office. The party has outlined over 16 grounds for which they will seek to remove Dr William Ruto from office.

One of the grounds for the removal of the Ruto from office, is in 2013 Ruto was found guilty for grabbing the land of Mr Adrian Muteshi, who the court established to have been the legitimate owner of the land,
Deputy President was ordered to refund 5 million to compensate the legit farm owner, but he did not appeal that implies Ruto is guilty of the offense.

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Ruto’s impeachment is not likely to be an easy walk in the park, ODM politicians have already expressed doubt that his impeachment may not sail through.

The Leaders wanted the former prime minister Raila Odinga to convince them that they motion will get the numbers to pass as they fear that Kieleweke Ruto sympathizes might overturn tables.

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