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Ruto’s Running Mate Finally Identified

Lamech Bwabi



It is now 2 years before the next general elections are held. 2022 will seeKenyans oo the ballot trying to change or retain the leaders elected in 2017..The elections are craved for due to the ever burning daily political rivalry both in parliament and at ground level.

The wise men said the earliest bird catches the worm and candidates have begun aligning themselves in an attempt to get into power through securing more votes than the opponent. The most feared man in the next elections is deputy president William Ruto.

He has become popular making daiily headlines as he faves difficult situations in his party.According to his close men especially from western region, Musalia Mudavadi is tipped to be his deputy in his presidential bid..Despite Musalia being pranked in 2013, his relation with the deputy is not as badly ruined.

PHOTO: Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa

Ruto will be on the ballot whether Jubilee endorses him or not. He has held a meeting in western region with some members of ANC, Ford Kenya and Jubilee planning on how to develop the region.Kimilili mp Didmus Barasa who is a close Allie of Ruto hinted that talks are on the way between the two leaders.
Musalia is understood to be desperate after NASA failing to make it to government and pressure mounting from western region might lead him to Ruto.

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Didmus said that Ruto is influential in Rift Valley being the kingpin of Kalenjins and so is Mudavadi in western and thus can work togethe to form an unbeatable coalition.r. He added that Musalia could be Ruto’s vice because he (Ruto) has been deputy for two terms under leadership of Uhuru and cannot be for the third time.The other factor was that Ruto held a high position leading government projects and he therefore has a starting point in his leadership.

Photo; ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi

Despite the earlier claims by Musalia that he will be on the ballot seeking for supremacy and cannot support anyone, working with Ruto seems to be the only option for him to be in the government.
Musalia backed Raila since 2007 but they have been losing and now Musalia wants the Odm leader to support him.In an interview with a local radio station, Musalia said NASA is existing as a name but the leaders are not together. He accused ODM for taking over everything.

Unexpectedly,The DP has been silent when his men have been targeted and dewhipped by their political parties He has continued to inspire and motivate them with regular biblical verses.The signs are clear that he will neither work with Uhuru nor Raila for he feels they both betrayed himand therefore aligning with Mudavadi is the only chance for them to defeat Raila.

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