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Ruto’s Photos That Show He Is True Hustler And Lived In The Village

Job Maangi



Photo: Deputy President Dr William Ruto

The deputy William Arap Samoei Ruto went against all odds to become the Kenya’s deputy president despite coming from a very poor background. He command the political backing of the Rift valley people.

William Ruto came to the limelight when he campaigned for the former president Daniel Arap Toroitich Moi in the year 1992 under the ‘youths for Moi ‘ movement.

Unlike other political kingpins who hail from renown backgrounds such as President Uhuru Kenyatta who is the son of the first president Jomo Kenyatta and Raila Odinga the son of the first vice president, Ruto’s father is not popular in the country.

Ruto married Rachael Ruto who hails from Kakamega in the 1990’s and together they are blessed with children. The most popular children are Nick Ruto and Stephanie. Nick Ruto graduated with a degree in Law.

The deputy president William Ruto well known for his generosity to churches. He began by preaching in Rural home as an evangelist. Ruto served as a Christian Union official back in his days in campus. His wife has been in the spotlight for being a prayerful woman who has supported his husband since they got married.

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