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Ruto’s Mt Kenya Foot Soilders Who Will Help Him Ascend To State House

Job Maangi



Photo: President Uhuru with Deputy President Dr William Ruto

The deputy president William Ruto who is Moi’s Political students has proved to be political force to reckon with. Dr Ruto who has branded himself as ‘hustler’ studied the former prime minister’s while they were together in ODM and he will use his political rivals to bring down him.

Deputy president William Ruto has been keen not to confront the president Uhuru Kenyatta directly so as not to lose the favor of the mount Kenya residents. However, it seems like he is using his political diehards to address the President. The Deputy president will use the support of the following leaders to ascend to statehouse.


Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria who is Raila Odinga’s arch rival will be able to lobby support for the president. Kuria has been vocal about about the president paying his political debt. The leader comes from the same county with the president. His presences at Ruto’s camp with be an added advantage to him.

Ndindi Nyoro aged 34, who is serving as the current Mp for Kiharu constituency is leader that will be able to deliver to the deputy president’s vote basket. The leader rose from poverty to become a millionaire. Mr Nyoro will garner the support of the mount Kenya youths.

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Since the handshake between the president and the former prime minister Raila Odinga, the marriage between Ruto and Uhuru has been sour.

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