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Ruto’s Message To Biden Backfires Terribly

Job Maangi



Photo: Deputy President Dr William Ruto

It is celebrations in America as Joe Biden beat his closest rival Trump with a big margin making him to be among the few leaders who ruled for one term as president.

Biden has been declared the winner with 284 electrol votes beating Trump who managed to garner 214 votes.

Biden of the Democratic Party got 50.6% that is 74,847,834 of the total votes and he was followed closely by Donald Trump of the Republican Party who managed to get 47.7% which is 70,591,531.

Leaders from various countries in the world have passed their messages of congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The deputy president Dr William Ruto On November 8th, sent his message of congratulations to newly elected president Joe Biden for making history.

Ruto posted on twitter, “Congratulations Joe Biden /Kamala Harris for making history. The highest popular vote ever & the first woman vice President.”

He said that the win confirms to the world our faith in democracy and the global community will believe in democracy celebrate and share in their success.

“Your win confirms our faith in democracy and the supremacy of the people.The global community who believe in democracy celebrate and share in your success.” the deputy president continued to say.

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Ruto rivals went on social media to accuse him for not following Bidens example in respecting his boss and for having double standards.

Road alerts said, “But last I checked, you were supporting Trump. Heheh… What has changed sir?”

“You both Trump and you were worried and crying of deep state. You’ve a lot to despite no wonder it has taken you long to congratulate. Joe Biden remained loyal to Obama for the entire period as a VP.”Denno asserted.

Everlyn Mukua said, “Joe Biden was very loyal to his boss, he respected him, he also didn’t start early campaign and even fighting government projects. He did not do either of the Above.”

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