Ruto’s Latest Move That Threatens Uhuru And Raila’s Dominance

“2022 elections will be a two horse race,” that is according to Cherengany member of parliament Joshua Kutuny and political analyst Herman Manyora. The two top contestant’s for the seats are hinted to be deputy president William Ruto and former prime minister Raila Odinga. The two are trying to pull the votes on their sides as only two years are left before the next elections are held.
Ruto has previously with his allies claimed that ODM leader Raila Odinga is trying to block him from the ballot and thus began his campaigns earlier. The dp is worried about the support he will get from Mt Kenya bearing in mind that the president is not supporting him and some leaders want another kingpin to be endorsed. He only has a section of them behind his back.
Mt Kenya region is an important region that determines who becomes President for they have numbers. Information from anonymous sources has revealed that the dp is using some of his confidants especially from the region to win majority of the already divided votes.Kikuyu mp Kimani Ichungwah and senator Kithure Kindiki have been mandated to mobilise the male colleagues so that they support the dp’s bid. From Kandara, Alice Wahome has been placed in charge of women.
This move by the Dp is to ensure he maintains the confidence of his supporters from the region after the rift with the president widened. In one of the recent meetings, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe read the speech sent by the president in front of the dp who is second in power according to the constitution. This broke the protocol as Ruto is the deputy of his excellency the president and would have therefore represented him.
Ruto and his allies were dealt a blow as majority of them especially from the Mt Kenya region were dewhipped from there committee roles for campaigning for the dp which was against the President’s will. The region has been demanding for a kingpin as president Uhuru nears the end of his term and therefore whoever will be endorsed can vie for the top seat and lower Ruto’s hope for winning in the region.
Kindiki was removed as senates deputy speaker, Wahome and Ichungwah from the parliamentary committees they chaired  in the recent party changes.They are however influential and that is why the dp seeks to use them so as to set a stable ground for himself.


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