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Ruto’s Diehard Under Siege After Storming By-elections

Boniface Juma



Photo: Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa

Former Sports Minister Rashid Echesa in on the verge of being arrested after a series of violent conduct in a by-election in Matungu constituency.

The former Minister on a viral video today was seen provoking a Presiding officer at the polling station and eventually slapping the man in disrespect.

Kenyans on Twitter have come out in large numbers to condemn Echesa’s actions and demanding  justice for the offended.

This is not the first time that Echesa is brought on the light for his gross misconduct. Previously he was linked with a Human Trafficking case where the case is still pending in court.

Currently being linked with UDA, Ruto’s political party, he’s seen as a school dropout and many still wonder upto now how on earth he managed to secure a top job in government.

What do you think should be the fate of Rashid Echesa, was he right in his actions??? Should he be convicted????

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