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Ruto’s Campaign Machine That Gives Raila Sleepless Nights



Photo: ODM Party boss Raila Odinga(left) with DP William Ruto

As 2022 general election approaches, DP William Ruto is reportedly in laying politcal strategies as he set to contest for Kenya’s top seat. However, despite of DP Ruto’s political enemies bid to curtail him from contesting the seat, reports outlines that he has a strong ambition over Presidential position.



Following the recent By-election in Msambweni Constituency, it was a vivid indication of 2022 stretch between ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto who are reportedly to focus their eyes on Presidential race. Raila had a strong believe of gaining victory in Msambweni in that the region has been a long time stronghold of ODM.



DP Ruto ultimately gained victory following the winning of his independent candidate Feisal Abdallah Bader a move that set Raila’s camp in panic. It now dominance measurement between Raila and Ruto which can be a tremors or earthquake.


DP Ruto with Feisal Bader

Reports indicates that Ruto’s Campaign Machine appear to be well-oiled but doubts has emanated on whether it can survive the contours of Kenya’s unpredictable political landscape. This week’s by-election can be used to claim a dramatic shift of positions in the ground.


Well-oiled Ruto’s political Machine is setting panic in Raila’s camp Ahead of 2022. Despite of BBI move that’s claimed to curtail Ruto’s 2022 Presidential ambition as reported by his allies, DP has laid bold strategies ahead of 2022 general election.

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