Ruto’s Ally Reveals New Details On ICC Linked To The Government

Photo: Deputy President William Ruto

Despite of President Uhuru and the deputy president William Ruto being prosecuted at International Criminal Court they have continued to support the court.
Dennis Itumbi posted on his twitter handle concerning details of a letter that was sent to International Criminal Court asking the court to consider Kenya in the recent appointment.

Government of Kenya has wrote to the International Criminal Court rejecting list of candidates shortlisted for ICC prosecutor role saying. Kenya anticipated ‘qualified candidates with an equal chance of being elected. The current shortlist does not meet this expectation.
“Choice a) was the Victims’ Attorney in the Kenyan ICC cases that had both President and his Deputy as Suspects in Crimes Against Humanity i.e. forceful migration, murder, rape, and other sexual offenses and violent electoral crimes,” Media Analyst asserted.

The Kenyan government in the letter acknowledged and supported the election of Ayan Nigeria, Caynor (Ireland), Susan Okalany (Uganda), Richard Roy (Canada) to the committee that shall be incharge of appointing the new presecutor but the requested the international court to consider Kenyans who were more qualified to the Job.

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That’s true. But when was the case last mentioned? It is a dormant case. Not terminated. In such a scenario, there would be no objection to a selection into the prosecution slot, and the ICC reviving the case. It would do so on its own motion without influence from candidate a)


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