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Ruto Winning Big! Raila And Uhuru Unaware; Here Is How He’s Bagging Youthful Votes Ahead Of 2022 Election

Brian Sunguti



Embattled Deputy President William Ruto now seems to be realigning his campaigns and strategies ahead of the 2022 presidential elections. As part of the realignment, the Dp is said to be taking stock of his most trusted lieutenants and who to work with and not to work with.

This has been necessitated by the realization that not everyone close to him has his ambitions and desires at heart. Insiders close to the Dp  say that crucial information about their plans and strategies has been leaking out to the President and the so called ‘Deep State’ by people who purport to be supporting him yet they were busy informing on him.

Photo; DP Ruto In the past address

Of particular concern to the Dp has been the actions of a prominent Rift Valley senator, an Mp and an influential Cabinet Secretary. That the three have been pretending to be supporting the Dp and yet they were busy leaking out his secrets to the President.

That the particular CS, for fear of loosing his position in the looming cabinet reshuffle by the Head of State, has become a darling to the president all the while leaking information about the Deputy president. A move that has seen Dp Ruto scale down his campaign team even further, with crucial information now only being placed in the hands of the loyal of them all.

Photo: DP Ruto during previous State Address

Insiders say his campaign strategy has also adopted different approaches as he seeks to sell his presidency even further. He now has a trusted social media strategist in Dennis Itumbi, with his online presence now becoming a very critical pillar to his campaigns. Social media comes in very handy due to the Dp’s desire to reach out the youths of this country.

A group that is heavily present on social media platforms and hence the need to have the Dp reach out to them. Another strategy has been to sell out his hustler nation tag to all hustlers out there. This has been by helping all known hustlers with various machinery and equipments to undertake their day to day economic activities.

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