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Ruto In Trouble As ICC Releases A ‘Missile’

Job Maangi



Photo: Deputy president Dr William Ruto at the International Criminal Court

Kenyans were very surprised to know that Lawyer Paul Gacheru had presented himself before International Criminal Court at the Hague after a warranty of arrest was issued against him.

The ICC case facing the deputy president Dr William Ruto seems to have resurfaced after it was stopped over lack of proper evidence and withdrawal of the witnesses.

Lawyer Paul Gacheru presented himself at the Hague without informing close friends and family members on his plans which has raised many questions.

Ruto’s allies have cried foul over the intentional presentation of the lawyer at Hague a time like this when the deputy president has Suffered humiliation Infront of his political enemies.

The deputy president Suffered a major setback as the Hague based court asked the Kenyan government to avail two suspects who are accused of tampering with witnesses in the case against Ruto.

Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda accepted the decision by Lawyer Paul Gacheru to present himself at the court as she requested that the remaining suspects to be arrested and presented before the court.

Mr Walter Barasa and Mr Philip Bett are accused of bribing six witnesses in the case against Ruto withdraw their statements.

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Lawyer Paul Gacheru is suspected to have been at the center of the interference of the witnesses and the case.

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