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Ruto Back To ICC Plan Resurfaces

Job Maangi



Photo: Deputy president Dr William Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta and the deputy president Dr William Ruto’s case at International Criminal Court is what brought the two leaders together during the 2013 presidential elections as they vowed to unite Kenyans.

The move by James Gicheru to volunteer himself before the Hague based court has revived the forgotten ICC case which had almost fade from the minds of most Kenyans.

What has brought Controversy is the fact that Uhuru’s Office gave James Gicheru a go ahead to the James Gicheru to a country in which was a wanted man impending his arrest.

James Gicheru did not know the misery that was waiting for him at the court, as all charges against him could led to 5 years imprisonment each.

Reports from the ICC indicate that James Gicheru has already denied all the charges that were put against him.

The Daily nation newspaper sought to hear from Deputy president Dr William Ruto’s camp concerning Lawyer James Gicheru’s matter.

Ruto’s spokesperson David Mugonyi, while addressing the Daily Nation on Friday did not speak much concerning Gicheru’s matter.

However he referred people who wanted to know Ruto’s verdict on the matter to what the deputy president Dr William Ruto said during his interview with NTV Journalist Ken Mijingo.

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“There are characters who have already sent people to Kenya to resuscitate the ICC cases against me,” DP Ruto remarked.
During the interview with Ken Mijingo Ruto claimed that there were individuals sent to resuscitate the ICC case against him.

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