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RIP! Sorrow As Ruto’s Foe Dies

Job Maangi



Photo: Deputy president Dr William Ruto

During the 2007/2008 post election violence many people lost their livelihoods and property as they were displaced from their homes by the locals.

In the Riftvalley region violence and chaos were witnessed as the communities Fought with each other over political differences and control of the natural resources.

Despite of the Former prime minister Raila Odinga and the then president Mwai Kibaki shaking hands, there were some stones that were left unturned such as the exposer of the people  thewho organized the violence, land grabbers and those who murdered people.

Most Kenyans tend to shy off from fighting during land grabbing disputes when the case involves a prominent person or wealth person.

Photo: Adrian Muteshi

Adrian Gilbert Muteshi surprised many people when he fought a successful battle against the deputy president Dr William Ruto over his 100-acre land that was grabbed.

It took courage and determination for Muteshi to move to court to reclaim his hard earned land from being lost into the wind.

Gilbert Muteshi died on Tuesday morning at the age of 86 years. He will be remembered for defying all the odds to contest with the deputy president in court for 3 years over the grabbed land.

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At the court case Adrian Gilbert Muteshi argued that he had acquired the land from a white settler in 1968 but lost it during the violence only to come back and find that Ruto had taken over the land.

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