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RIP ! Raila Odinga In Mourning For The Sudden Death

Daniel Mutuva



PHOTO: Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga

The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is in Mourning state for the sudden death of Dr Nzamba Kitonga the Kenyan Lawyer and Politician from Kitui county. Dr Kitonga is a remarkable lawyer who played a significant role in drafting the 2010 Kenyan Constitution as reports ascertains.

According to the reports by Dr Nzamba Kitonga’s family members, he succumbed of cardiac arrest on Saturday evening. Details from his family members affirms he was aged 64 years old.

PHOTO: Dr Nzamba Kitonga


The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has expressed his need sorrow and pain for the succumb of Dr Kitonga whom he termed as one of Kenya’s eminent lawyer who fought for constitutionalism. Raila in a tweet, he ascertains that Dr Kitonga critically and consistently interpreted the Constitution in a bid of ensuring it grew with Kenyans and the nation.

“I have received with deep shock news of the passing of Dr Nzamba Kitonga, one of our country’s eminent lawyers; a first-rate legal mind and fighter for constitutionalism. Dr Kitonga consistently interpreted the constitution to make sure it grew with our people and our nation.” Raila Odinga pinned

However, the law society of Kenya’s president Nelson Havi has led the legal fraternity in morning of their fellow Dr Nzamba Kitonga expressing their deep pain and sorrow for the hit.This is a major blow to legal fraternity by extension.

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Dr Nzamba Succumbed in a time when the nation of Kenya is initiating some major amendment in the Constitution triggered by Building Bridges Initiative that was jointly superheaded by Former PM Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dan Daniels

    October 25, 2020 at 8:29 am

    Crucial heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Dr Kitonga, I recognize the remarkable work you embraced towards the drafting of our 2010 Constitution, you indeed succumbed at the time when some big fish wants to initiate major constutional amendment for their sole benefit.. Take your way hero and thy deeds will follow thee..

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