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Why Nairobi Residents Should Prepare For A Second Lockdown to Nairobi Residents

Clinton Mwenje



Based on the Health Ministry’s statistics, Ever since the president lifted cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera county on 6th of July 2020,the ministry of health has had a hard time due to the increasing number of covid 19 cases in the country.

On Wednesday, 15/7/2020, confirmed cases of covid 19 crossed the 11,000 mark with 461 cases being positive from a sample size of 4,261 that were tested.
From statistics Nairobi county has been leading . Below are positive cases of covid 19 in Nairobi county alone
.9/7/2020 – 318
.10/7/2020 – 209
.11/7/2020 – 162
.12/7/2020 – 209
.13/7/2020- 147
.14/7/2020 – 292
.15/7/2020 – 248
With the above figures, Nairobi county may experience a second lockdown come 6th August 2020
Reasons why Nairobi county has highest number of covid 19 positive cases
. Social distancing in Nairobi county is a night mare because informal settlements (slums) are highly overcrowded
. Lack of proper access of water. From the ministry of health guidelines to control covid 19 infections, washing hands with soap and water is a major requirement. But this is not possible in Nairobi . For example Kibera slum has over 200,000 residents but only 1/3 can access to clean water which is usually managed by cartels.
. Not wearing masks while in public, with close friends, with relatives this increasing rate of infections
. Matatus carrying more than the required number of passengers
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