Revealed! Why King Kaka used Plus Sized Women in New Video

Rapper King Kaka.

Kaka Empire CEO Brian Ombima also known as King Kaka came out to defend his decision to use plus sized women in his new video. Posting on his facebook page on Monday February 22, the rapper explained his decision on the video.

King Kaka mentioned that he made the decision because he appreciates the beauty of plus sized women. He also noted that he was disturbed by how most of them were treated in society.

The rapper also said that society was mostly cruel towards them and kept putting them down.

“Let me be honest this morning. I chose to put plus size women in the ‘Utanipata’ video because they are part of our society, they are our friends , our sisters , our mothers…”

“So why shouldn’t they be in a music video ?? Why??? Tuwache ujinga. I have seen some characters attack them for their weight, Ati why are they there? ”

“The moment we realize that we are all equal and humans then everything will make sense. You might never know what someone is going through and what the effects might be,” he posted.

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Below is the link to the song where he features Kristoff.


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