Revealed: Where Prophet Owuor Gets Powers To Perform Miracles


Prophet David Edward Owuor is arguably the most educated and popular servant of God in Kenya.

Miracles that Prophet Owuor performs have amazed many people. This has made many people in Kenya to question his ability to perform very many miracles.

However, Dr David Edward Owuor’s ministry was built on a prayerful foundation which has enabled him to do exploits in the Kingdom of God.

The mighty prophet of the lord spends more time in the prayer closet which grants him powers to perform very powerful and explicit miracles during his national crusades in the country.

The prophets prays for the healing of people with HIV and AIDS, cancer and other deadly chronic diseases.


Actually we can learn from the Bible about prophets like Moses and Elisha who used to pray to God which, enabled them to perform miracles such as raising the dead and supernatural wonders.

The prophet surprised many people by his ability to draw very many people to crusade. Dr David Edward Owuor actually attracts over 5 Million followers to his meetings.

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