Uhuru Kenyatta’s Aide Tests Covid-19 Postive


Government spokesperson Cyrus on the 24th of June posted on his Official tweeter page that he had tested Positive for Corona Virus .

He asserted on his social media that he developed a mild cough moments after he visited town, later he went for Corona virus testing where he was confirmed Postive.

After days of waiting for his Corona Virus results he finally tested Positive for the deadly Corona virus that taken many people’s lives in the country.
“Recently, having come from an assignment outside town, I developed mild coronavirus related symptoms & got tested. #KomeshaCorona https://t.co/HjiniqPVeT,” Cyrus Oguna remarked on his Twitter.

This comes as he recently rubbished claims on social media platforms that he had tested positive for the deadly Corona virus disease that has put the whole world on a standstill.

“If one feels unwell it’s only prudent for them to seek medical attention at the earliest opportunity instead of waiting for too long. That is detrimental as we have observed of late,” government spokesperson remarked.

Yesterday the ministry of health announced that Kenya had lost 3 patients from the disease, bringing our total fatality to 263. The government spokesperson sent sincere condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their loved ones.

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“It’s the responsibility of the Kenyan government to ensure that we have FUNCTIONAL emergency response units for EVERY citizen. Healthcare (private and public) is expensive so Kenyans take their chances with seemingly “mild” symptoms. Don’t blame them,” Hamadi remarked.


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