Revealed: These Are The People Behind DP Ruto’s Assassination Plot

Revealed: These Are The People Behind DP Ruto's Assassination Plot

The Deputy President of Kenya Dr William Ruto’s life might be in danger as the former State House telecommunication strategist Dennis Itumbi once again disclosed the DP Ruto’s assassination plot. On the basis of reports submission the DP Ruto has a powerful ambition over the 2022 presidential seat and it’s sad that his Political enemies seem to block his ambition. Reports Submit that if DP Ruto’s Assassination deal is true then he’s being hunted by his political enemies who are curtailing his 2022 Presidential Dream.

This comes after former state house digital, and diaspora communication secretary Dennis Itumbi reveals shocking information about the plan to kill DP William Ruto. In his tweet, Itumbi asserted that there is Ruto’s Assassination plot and they pray to God to make it unsuccessful. Itumbi reminded the executors and the planners of DP’s assassination to remember that evil must be met with good.

Former State House Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi

However, on the basis of Reports submission, the DP Ruto is targeted by his Political enemies and traitors who are embracing their efforts to stop his 2022 Presidential ambition. This comes after DP Ruto’s Political fight intensifies whereby most of his allies are being undermined by the government.

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