The Women You Should Avoid

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Women are special beings given as a gift from above. Their most special role to men is that of being a helper. They become part of men’s life in terms of everything concerning marriage.
Marriage is good but never easy mostly because of women. They are delicate and difficult to handle. In marriages, women too can dictate the direction and the destination.
Women are good people but can be the most dangerous enemies of peace in marriage and a home without peace can never stand.
There are three dangerous characters a man should never give room for them to grow in a wife because they are the most common causes of so many marriage destructions.
1. Impatient
Any woman having a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked is dangerous.
Growth in marriages needs patience. It is a key requirement because marriages are never perfect until you develop the heart of understanding and tolerating one another.
Women who are easily provoked are quick to reaction and causes a lot of damage.
2. Laziness
A lazy woman can never give room for any progress. Most of the lazy women love idleness and sleeping.
This idleness gives room for gossip which is a perfect tool for destruction. Laziness is expensive because that’s where most house helps come in.
3. Disrespectfulness
A man’s power button of love towards the wife is respect and not food. Every man loves this thing to the core.
Rude women are very annoying and can cause fights in homes at any time. This character can make men look for alternatives elsewhere. How men love respect cannot be explained better.
There’s no single man who can tolerate a woman’s lack of respect. Entertain a man with respect and experience a world full of love around you. Be your man’s peace of mind.
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