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Insects With High Nutritional Value You Should Be Eating

Shadrack Olaka



According to research, there are more than 1800 edible insect species on Earth, many of which are part of the diet in many countries. But why eat something that people usually battle with insecticides?
Many insects are packed with good fats, protein, fibre and vital minerals more than or just like many other food sources.
Insects convert food into protein much more efficiently than livestock which means they need less food for more production.
The following are the most often consumed insects worldwide.
1. Moths and Butterflies
These are winged insects but during their larval and pupal stages, they are succulent and full of iron and protein.
They are an excellent supplement for pregnant women and children who may be deficient in these nutrients.
2. Wasps and Bees
Bees produce honey but they still have more to give.
The most commonly munched are the stingless bees.
3. Beetles
The most commonly eaten of these are the dung, june, long-horned and the rhinoceros. They are mostly found in forested regions.
These beetles are efficient at turning cellulose from trees into digestible fat.(Cellulose are indigestible to humans). They too have more protein than most insects.
4. Locusts, Grasshoppers and Crickets
Grasshoppers are the most consumed type because they are simply all over and easy to catch. They are a great source of protein.
As for locusts, they move in swarms. These swarms devastate vegetation in countries where people are struggling to eat. And this is one of the reasons why you should eat them.
5. Ants
A hundred grams of red ant provide 14 grams of protein which is actually more than that found in eggs, nearly 45 grams of calcium and a good amount of iron. They are also low in carbs.
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