4 Damaging Things Strong Women Won’t Tolerate

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Women should not be treated like toys. They deserve love and respect. Some men fail to treat them with compassion and often take them for granted.
But a woman of strength will not tolerate the following things:
1. Excessive domination
A balanced approach in every situation in a relationship is recommended and will do magic. But if you try to overpower a strong woman, that relationship is doomed.
Some of these women may have had bitter experiences in the past. A good man should allow her to express and take control of her own decisions.
2. Going past the limits
It is difficult to expect a woman who is strong to give all her values up for a man. These women always have principles which they respect more than anything or anyone else in life.
These strong women consider themselves at par with their male counterparts and so trying to hurt them repeatedly with all your might is a bad move.
3. Insecure men
A man being a constant source of distraction to a strong woman is not going to be tolerated by her. These strong women might be better than their husbands. If she is far sighted, she expects her male partner to be equally supportive.
Let her know your insecurities and come up with a solution on how to handle them.
4. Lack of emotional support
Emotionally, women are more intelligent than men. It is never easy to hide your feelings from a woman because they have better intuitive capabilities and can pick change in attitudes, body language and emotions.
When they are emotionally ladened, they seek a place to channel out their negative thoughts and receive positive vibes from to their partners to lift them up.
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