Rev Lucy Natasha’s Photos Which Left More Questions Than Answers


Reverend Lucy Natasha is the head of the Prophetic latter glory Ministries International an interdenominational outreach church which is located in Nairobi. The pastor’s lifestyle has left very many people with questions.

Reverend Natasha’s posts on social media platforms has surprised many people.

Rev Natasha owns very expensive cars and house. Although her critics have questioned her lavish lifestyle as some claim that she has a lot of pride.

The pastor has group of men who always walk with her as security guards always. Reverend Lucy Natasha says that she is not in a hurry to get married. The pastor is among the most beautiful woman in Nairobi city.

Besides her beauty, the pastor is very intelligent.

She passed her primary and secondary education with flying colours before she proceeded to south Africa for further studies. Reverend Natasha graduated with a degree in public relations and theology. After she came from South Africa she went on to be ordained as a pastor at Huruma Redeemed church.

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