Reports Of Young Uhuru Kenyatta Sleeping Hungry Stirs Debate

Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta

Whenever a person names a child after a prominent person in the African Context they expect that the Kid to should live a life that is similar to the person’s.
However, it is not the same Case with a woman who named her new born baby after president Uhuru Kenyatta in the year 2017 because she was a strong supporter of Uhuru.
According, to a video that went viral on social media on June 29th, the  Lady exposed the pathetic life and difficult moments she has been undergoing while raising the child during  this Covid-19 pandemic.

Photo: Part of the footage of the Woman with the child

The Lady urged the president to intervine and rescue her from the hash economic hardship that she is undergoing as her efforts to make ends meet have proved futile.
“I don’t have a permanent job, but I work jobs at the clubs, sometimes at hotels as a waiter, but since the Coronavirus began it has become so difficult. Sometimes I don’t even have anything to give Uhuru. We are living by miracles. Clothes are a problem, food is a problem, Before, you would get even Ksh1,000, but now the most you can get is Ksh200 a day,” the desperate Woman stated.

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Freddy, “this sounds like comedy. some of us were named after prominent pple but do we say?”
“Look to God…wachana na binadamu..u will be horribly disappointed,” Ngaiwa
“Mimi hulala njaa na niliitwa Jina la biwott 1982nikizaliwa,” Nicholas Trump.


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