Red-flag Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship


We want love. We all want to be in a happy and peaceful relationship that gives us peace of mind. We all want to love and feel loved because love sends us to joyous heights that we never want to come down from. Toxic relationships are behaviors from a toxic partner that are emotionally, physically, and verbally damaging to their partner and are characterized by control, dominance, insecurities, and self-centeredness.

A partner can contaminate your self-esteem, your happiness, and the way you feel about yourself and the world before you. Toxic relationships are not worth fixing, neither is a toxic person. You need to let go with grace and love and move on in order to protect yourself from breakage and self-destruction. You need to have boundaries and limits on what is allowed into your life and what gets closed out. If you lack boundaries, then you lack respect for yourself.

A relationship is toxic if it feels bad all the time. If you feel empty, sleep hollow, and wake up feeling crashed and burned out than before, you need to break away from the relationship for you to find the right love you deserve. Leaving a toxic relationship is not that easy, but the more you stay, the more your strength, courage, and confidence get eroded.

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When there’s no effort from your partner, all the compromise comes from you, and you feel like you are in the relationship alone, it all gets lonely and exhausting. We love love. Yes we do. But if your partner stops giving you attention, stops spending time with you, and shows no effort to love you, then your relationship is getting to an unhealthy state. Stop forcing things to get better and just leave.

A relationship is toxic if your partner does not respect your decisions. Communication is key in every relationship. A loving partner will respect that you are not going to agree to everything they say or do. If you are only accepted when you are saying ‘yes’, then it’s probably time to say ‘no’ to the relationship.


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