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Ready for Death? Man Digs Own Grave

Edwine Agesa




A man in Kiharu constituency in Murang’a could type has surprised people by preparing  his final resting place. According to Citizen Digital on Tuesday January 12, Samwel Karanja showed Kenyans that he was ready for Death.

Samuel Karanja who is now the talk of the village said he has planned his funeral in advance, to save his family the trouble of having to organize his burial.

“I do not want to bother people at my funeral, most people bother people with their demise but that will not be me” he told Citizen Digital. 

The single-roomed cavern surrounded by colorful flowers is a place where he insists he will be burried when he breathes his last. 

He mentioned that he knew death would be inevitable and so prepared this sacred place early enough.

All that is left is finding a coffin, as Mr Karanja has even written a eulogy that he keeps by his side.

Mr Karanja has named his final resting place  “Kumenya”- after his alias- loosely translated as ‘knowing’; the words are plastered on the grave in white.

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