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Raila,Uhuru in Trouble As Ruto Gives A Controversial Message Against BBI

James Musyoki



Photo: Deputy President William Ruto

The handshake between ODM leader Raila Odinga and his counterpart President Uhuru Kenyatta together with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) are the main contributors to the retarded accomplishment of the Big Four Agenda by the Jubilee administration.


These are the sentiments of Deputy President William Ruto who was addressing mourners at Nakhwana Primary School in Bungoma during the burial of Maurice Mabongah, the father of Bumula MP Mwambu Mabongah, on Saturday the 26th of December 2020.



According to Dr. Ruto, the Jubilee government had good plans of propelling the country forward before the opposition breached the same with retrogressive politics of malice, self-interest, hatred, and witch hunt. The DP noted that such politics had barricaded Jubilee’s way delivery.



“Now when we began our second term in 2018, Oparanya and his party leader (Raila Odinga), together with the Nasa team, came to us and told us that they have something more important for Kenyans called handshake and BBI which stalled and our focus,” asserted Ruto.



The DP further cited the remarkable development milestone the Jubilee government took the country in their first term in office while at the same time pointing fingers at the opposition for the stalled development projects dating back to post the 2017 elections.


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“During our first term in office, we did lots of development. We made roads, made railways lines, we connected people to electricity and water, we built technical training institutes until this second term that has been hijacked by politics of the handshake and BBI — which I don’t say is bad — but only geared at helping a few individuals and not Kenyans at large,” said the Deputy President.


Photo: Deputy President William Ruto and a Section of Leaders from Western Kenya During the Burial Ceremony of Maurice Mabongah


The trip to Bungoma marked Ruto’s second visit to the county in a period of less than a fortnight and as expected, the DP didn’t hesitate to preach the gospel of his 2022 Presidential bid saying that he was not ready to pull back from the race. The DP also retaliated to a section of leaders from Western Kenya who had been pushing him, to support a Luhya candidate in the forthcoming elections saying,



“Gideon Moi is a son of a president, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi is the son of a minister and even Wetang’ula here, I am told, is the son of chief while my father was just a mere peasant and not even a village elder yet you are asking me to support them. Is that logical?”


Dr. Ruto said that the country is headed for a new political dispensation as Kenyans are getting wiser each passing day.

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