Raila To Be Jubilee Party Candidate In 2022, City Lawyer Claims

We are two years from the next general elections that will see current president Uhuru Kenyatta complete his two terms of leadership under Jubilee.His deputy will also end his ten years serving as deputy president and has already launched his hi of being the fifth president of the republic of Kenya. This is the top most seat that is coveted by most politicians with four having earlier declared their interest.
According to the new proposed Kenyan constitution, one who gets more votes i.e 50+1%( won more than half of the total counties vote) will be declared winner and sworn in as president.Political analyst Herman Manyora said that it will be a two horse race for Rail a and Ruto but other aspirants like Musyoka, Mudavadi and Mutua have joined the race.Ruto and Raila are way into their campaigns exchanging harsh words as they try to outdo each other.
City lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has hinted that the presidential race will be between deputy president and former prime minister.According to the lawyer, Raila will vie as a jubilee candidate.This is contrary to the earlier sentiments by president Kenyatta who had Promised to support Ruto under Jubilee when his term ends.Things seemed to fall apart as they divided and now the president has been more closer to Raila than the dp.
“As the 2022 presidential race narrows down to a 2 horse race, Raila as the jubilee candidate and Euro as the opposition candidate, what will my BELOVED JUBILEE do with the ORPHANS…Gideon, Musyoka, Mudavadi, Dr. Fred,CS Kagwe, Peter Kenneth et al who were promised for that number 1 slot.” Said the lawyer.
Ruto has also accepted that they are not in good terms and has been moving with his hustlers movement to seek support.The do also went to an extend of meeting with some leaders at the party’s office while the president was away in what was believed to be siscussing the next move before the general elections.
Jubilee was split into Team Tangatanga and Team Kieleweke supporting Ruto and the president with the handshake respectively.Murathe had also earlier endorsed Raila and it all seems that the BBI will help Baba get the support of Uhuru as Ruto moves as the opposition.


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