Raila Joins Magufuli In Mourning The Late Former President Mkapa


The Former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa died at the age of 81years after he suffered from a short illness.
President John Magufuli confirmed the death of the powerful president on the 24th of July at midnight and sent his Condolences to the family and the Tanzania People as a whole.

“In Kenya we retain fond memories of his mediation efforts alongside Dr Koffi Annan and Graca Machel that helped the country return to peace after the 2007-2008 election violence,” Raila remarked.
The former prime Minister Raila Odinga described Benjamin Mkapa as a person who believed in regional integration and he helped Kenya to restore peace and unity during the 2007 and 2008 presidential elections where Kenyans witnessed ethnic Clashes.

The former prime Minister said, ” Mkapa believed in Regional Integration and championed the revival of the East Africa Community. In his death, Africa has lost a giant. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, President John Pombe Magufuli and the people of the United Republic of Tanzania.”

“Nimepokea taarifa za msiba wa Mzee Benjamin William Mkapa (Rais wa Tanzania 1995 – 2005) kwa masikitiko makubwa sana, Natuma salamu zangu za pole kwa familia, ndugu, jamaa, marafiki na watanzania wenzangu wote. Pumzika kwa amani baba yetu!,” Millardayo asserted.


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