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“Raila Got What He Wanted” No Justice For The Killing Of Chris Msando; Fresh Details Backfires

Daniel Mutuva



Vast Kenyans have raised up seeking justice for the killing of the late Former electrol commission IT manager Chris Msando who was brutally tortured and Murdered during the Kenya’s general election in 2017. It’s reportedly Msando had a password of the IEBC server encrypted in his finger print as an act of security over the prevention of rigging of election.

Following the recent remarks of the former commissioner of the independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission of Kenya Roslyne Akombe who asserted to disclose those intervined in the killing of Chris Msando, Kenyans memory has been awaken again seeking justice to be done over the death of Musando for the reality to be revealed.

However, the matter has taken another twist, where by the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been Accused for not following up the matter since Msando was fighting for his favour during the 2017 general election race between the incumbent Uhuru and long time opponent Raila Odinga.

Former PM Raila Odinga [Courtesy]/ Source; Twitter

“Kenyans generally& the family of Chris Msando in particular deserve to know who killed him. We need a public Murder Inquest to unravel the truth & let the chips fall where they may .. Blood of the Innocent will never rest & the Murderers never at peace .. #JusticeforChrisMsando,” Donald B Kipkorir penned

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However, Kenyans have reacted to the matter over seeking justice for the killing of Msando, affirming that former PM Raila Odinga got what he wanted following his handshake with President Uhuru thus he isn’t interested in following up on the brutal matter of seeking justice as he used to before the handshake.Here are netizens reactions;

Handshake between President Uhuru (left) and Raila Odinga (right) [Courtesy]/ Source; Twitter

Kaimenyi M’mugambi; ” Won’t happen because baba is no longer interested with the case. After all he got what he wanted.”

Shepherd Flag of Kenya; “Did he die before or after baba got what he wanted?”

Kaimenyi M’mugambi; “Yo, since baba got a piece of pie he forgot about Msando and baby Pendo. He now dines with their killers and has no shame doing so.”

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