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Raila Betrays Uhuru? Ruto’s Ally Raises Worrying Concerns

Job Maangi



Photo: President Uhuru kenyatta

Jubilee government has been under sharp criticism over the loss public funds for the past few days ago.

In accordance with financial figures, when President Uhuru Kenyatta took office, the total public debt was at Ksh1.79 trillion. Currently the debt stands at Ksh7.2 trillion.

Citizen TV held an interview with various leaders to get their perspective concerning the state of the nation and succession politics.

Wanjiru remarked, “the problem with debt is the budget deficit & this has been driven by presidential flagship projects that lack transparency. We have huge projects where money has been borrowed on unfavorable terms and they are not paying back the money.”

Ruto’s diehard supporter Gladys Boss remarked that Raila had acting like a co-President & behaving like he is part of the Executive not as an opposition leader.
“He has now realized the handshake has not given him political momentum & is trying to backtrack,” Gladys asserted.

Alice Wahome regretted that Raila who has been supportive of the President since the handshake come out to attack the President like it has just come by surprise that Jubilee is not delivering. She remarked that Raila absconded his work and the handshake is a scam.

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