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President Uhuru’s State Address After Meeting With Council Of Governors

Sheila Mmbone



President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to make his 10th national Address at 3pm today.

The national speech is expected to address the status of the pandemic after his meeting with the Governors.
In this meeting, medical experts are expected to make a presentation on what to be expected in the months of August and September.
The Meeting is expected to to address the level of preparedness by the counties in containing the pandemic and saving lives.

PHOTO; President Uhuru Kenyatta

The pandemic has affected  44 counties and has claimed more than 200 lives so far.
The Governors are expected to tell how different counties have prepared in terms of isolation centres, medics and equipment to deal with the pandemic.
Council of Governors Chairman, Wycliffe Oparanya, had earlier suggested the lockdown of Corona Virus hotspots in order to contain the rapid spread of the disease.
During the 9th national Address, the President had urged Kenyans to practice movement with cautiousness or else we have to revert to  lockdown.
Since the President had lifted the cessation if movement in some areas, the Covid-19 cases have been on the increase hence the citizens are expecting the head of the nation to give measures to contain the rapid spread of the pandemic.
The meeting was pushed today after the council of Governors asked the President to postpone it from Friday last week.

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