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President Trump Sacarstically Applauds Obama For Campaigning For Him.

Webster Momanyi



Photo; Donald Trump

U.S President Donald Trump has claimed that America’s former President Barrack Obama is campaigning for him.


Trump, who tweeted on Thursday evening said that Obama didn’t want to endorse Joe Biden anymore.

“Obama is campaigning for us. Everytime he speaks, people come over to our side. He didn’t even want to endorse Sleepy Joe Biden. Did so long after primaries were over,” said Trump.

[Photo: U.S former president Barrack Obama]

Trump, who has been on record for ‘hitting’ hard on Biden’s camp, said moments after Former President Obama confirmed to have voted for Joe Biden by mail and urged voters to follow the soot.

“I just voted by mail for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If you are planning on doing the same, follow all the instructions carefully and drop it in the mail or at the ballot drop box right away,” said Obama as he demonstrated how to vote through a video.

This sounded ironical to what Trump had tweeted, but consequently a campaign strategy that has seen him sway public attention and voters to his camp for re-election.

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“His Pennsylvania address was not convincing and after that, majority of voter shifted camp to Republicans and voted in favor of Trump, ” said one social media user.

Further, president Trump went ahead slamming Biden harshly exposing his foes.

“Biden wants to pack the court with radical left crazies. He doesn’t even want to make a lift to explain who they are. Can’t let this happen,” Trump.

[Photo: Joe Biden

” Today’s new york post story on Bidens corruption is a monster. Many witnesses to a crime against our country. This isn’t going away. Even the Lamestream media is starting to say it must be covered, ” added Trump.

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