President Magufuli And Tanzanians Are Celebrating After Making This Historical Achievement

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The president of Republic of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli with his fellow Tanzanians are in celebration after making an historical achievement. Reports ascertains that Today on the first day of the month of July 2020, World Bank Decleared Tanzania as Middle Income country. This seems to be an historical achievement for Tanzanians.

According to the reports, Tanzania was expected to achieve this status by the year of 2025 but with the strong determination of the people of Tanzania it has been possible in 2020. In his tweet, President Magufuli congratulated his fellow compatriots Tanzanians for the historical achievement.

“Today, the World Bank has declared Tanzania Middle Income Country. In this regard, I congratulate all my compatriots for this historic achievement. We had envisaged to achieve this status by 2025 but,with strong determination, this has been possible in 2020. GOD BLESS TANZANIA,” Dr John Magufuli twitted


However, Tanzanian have shown their bold appreciation to president John Pombe Magufuli for the achievement towards the development of Tanzania. Here are the appreciations;

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“Thanks for the commendable job the government is doing under your leadership, you deservedly deserve kudos and bravos . Congrats for such a milestone. This shows if we decide we can, and you gave us confidence now we are realizing these achievements,” Mbonea Howard Hemedi replies

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“God bless Tanzania.God bless our president @MagufuliJP,” deusmarko reacts
“Umeamua kutuchapia na kizungu mzee,” aluwatani said
“That’s my president indeed,” Richard Sibwake pinned


“Thank you Mr President, Congratulations to you and your government. You are a true visionary of our time @MagufuliJP. God bless you with great health as you build Tanzania ahead. Flag of TanzaniaFlag of TanzaniaFlag of Tanzania,” Isaya Yunge appreciates
” Ameeeeeeen,” Mr Ambassador appreciates

” Asante sana Clapping hands sign we’re happy for our neighbours,this is a good sign and a step for Tanzania to integrate with the international community by tweeting in English.Tanzanian citizens should wake up and stop living in denial and learn English,” Kelvin replies

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