Preparation For Death! Ksh 1.4M Allocated For Coffins Purchase


Since the promulgation of the new Constitution, County governments have stired up development in various rural areas and led to decentralization of resources from the National government.
However, the counties have been faced with various challenges which include misappropriation of funds, delayed allocation of funds from the national government and a bad relationship between the governors and Members of the county assemblies.

Photo: Migori Governor Okoth Obado

Despite of the Covid-19 pandemic what has Shocked many people is the lack of priorities in the various counties, as MCAS have been focused on Impeachment of governors rather than development.
Migori county government yesterday allocated ksh. 4.1 Million shillings for purchasing coffins for the dead, this caused uproar amongst Kenyans and especially Obado’s rivals.

The Migori County Assembly Budget and Appropriation Committee revealed that the new move will boost families that have been struggling with funeral budgets within the county.
“Under the constitution and allocation of Public Service Commission Act of 2012, the county government is has a right to accord it’s members a good send off and also replica to the national Government allocation,” Migori county budgets committee chair remarked.

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This comes as even the country is struggling with the Corona virus pandemic where Kenya’s Covid-19 cases have hit 8,000 mark despite of the restrictions that were put in place by the government to curb the spread of the deadly disease.
The Ministry of health recently expressed regret as Most counties have not met the minimum bed capacity of 300 ICU beds that will be used by the Critical ill covid-19 patients.


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