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Polycarp Igathe becomes Latest Case for the Nairobi Gubernatorial Seat

Edwine Agesa



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Former Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe is the latest individual to throw himself into the heating up succession debate. According to the Nation on Wednesday January 27, Igathe claimed that he should be considered for the seat.

In an affidavit filed to the High Court, Igathe demanded to know whether his resignation had been formalized. The former Deputy Governor revealed that he was not aware if legal steps were followed to formalize it.

Igathe resigned in January 12, 2018 but asked the court if the constitution was followed after his letter was sent to the County Assembly.

Through Lawyer Peter Kiiru, Igathe disclosed that the letter and resignation process was never formalized. He also reported that there was not communication from the speaker of the Assembly .

Kiiru noted that after the resignation letter was presented to the Governor and County Assembly, there needed to be an official statement on the way forward after.

The Nairobi Governor seat was left vacant after former Governor Mike Sonko was impeached. A by-election was supposed to be held in February but it has so far been suspended due to cases presented before court.

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Anne Kananu, who at one point was revealed to be the Deputy Governor, was almost sworn in but the court stopped the process.

A case filed by the Law Society of Kenya claimed that the process had been rushed hence the county government needed to follow the right steps to fill the position accordingly.

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