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[Photos] Shocking Details On Beirut Explosion

Job Maangi



On the 4th of August Beirut, Lebanon citizens witnessed a huge explosion after 2750 tonnes of highly explosive ammonium nitrate exploded.

According to a report that was seen by, the witness observed heavy grey smoke near the port area and then heard an explosion and saw flames of fire and black smoke that caused fear and panic amongst the residents.

The Lebanon prime Minister confirmed the incident that took place at the capital city of the country and urged the citizens to remain strong as they search for the root cause of the disaster.

Minister of Health Hamad Hassan 70 people are dead and at least 3,000 people were injured as the death toll is expected to rise the emergency officials are doing a frantic search for people who have been reported missing after the incident.

The crisis came at a time in which the world is trying to struggle with the pangs and pains of the deadly Corona virus that crippled many sectors of the economy.
During the explosion glasses were shuttered and balconies collapsed from the impact thus injuring many people in the city

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