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(Photos) Panic On The Death Of A Journalist After What Happened

Vincent Owino



Photo: Journalist Tafadzwazimoyo

Journalist Tafadzwazimoyo is alive… This was just a cake… The streets are circulating rumors that he is no more.

This is after a scarey cake was baked upon his happy birthday wishes.

The decoration and garnishing of the cake looks like an obituary.

“I don’t blame those who thought that he died.”

Rumors had spackled the streets of Zimbabwe about the journalist that he is dead.

This even shocked him when people say he is dead yet he was alive.

He was celebrating his birthday and a lady had decorated his birthday cake out of his picture, though the look was so scarey and made viewers thought of death upon this Zimbabwean journalist

It was confirmed that what people saw was not a body viewing but a birthday cake for the journalist. 

It was wrapped in a polythene – like, looking like a body viewing of a dead person.

There are many scarey cakes which had been decorated before. Some look like male gender disgusting.. Some people said that the woman who decorated the birthday cake for the so Zimbabwean journalist might be his ex-girlfriend.

They ought to have bought him a proper birthday cake. “Can you eat that cake when you were invited for the birthday celebrations?”

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“Really we are moving towards the end of ages, how can a normal person make such a cake?”

Some of the beakers has to be burned.. Though creative but some make things that doesn’t bring any sense.

The journalist said he thought that cake was just normal birthday cake for him,he didn’t thought that to other people’s views it would be like he is dead.

But he came out clear to confirm to the people that he is alive.

He said the cake was decorated to him like a surprise with his picture on the cake.

“It seems the beaker was so creative.

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