Photo: Betty Kyalo Reveals The Man Who ‘Touches’ Her Juicy Legs


Socialite Betty Kyalo has continued to amaze many netizens due to her beauty and Lavish lifestyle. She is a real definition of ladies who have gone against all odds to make it in life despite of breaking up in Marriage. Betty Kyalo’s new business ‘FlairbyBetty’ has won the hearts of Kenyans who love fashion and the latest designs in the beauty industry.

When She lost her Job as News Anchor at K24, Betty decided to make ends meet through her social media platforms such as You Tube, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

“Sisters and brothas take care of your bedsheets and Entanglers… don’t tear them with rough soles😂😂😂 come get a pedicure! 😂😂😂😂 For Sisters a pedicure here just costs Ksh 1,500 Only! For brothas it’s Ksh 1,800 only. I’m your plug👊🏽,” Betty Kyalo Said.

Celebrity Socialite beauty Queen Kyalo on 14th of July posted on her Instagram page a photo of Man who beautifies her feet and Nails.

She went on to disclose the amount of Money a person will be required to get services on her beauty shop that is Ladies pedicure here costs Ksh and Men’s costs Ksh 1,800 only.

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“Ningekuja lakini bei ni kama rent yangu ya miezi tatu😂😂mamake_kena Can I come pay and get a voucher for my mum’s birthday?” Asserted Mercie Mrembo.

Jalang’o’s close friendship with Betty made her to become popular as this has helped her win big event endorsement as Witnessed during Radio Group Africa Music concert that was held recently soon after she lost her job.

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