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Pendo In Hot Soup Over Pending Hotel Bills

Wendy Lessa



The thing with being a celebrity is that you have to show people how perfect your life is, go to the most expensive clubs, take photos in the most luxurious hotels, post them on instagram making them yarn for the life you have but in reality it is all fake. Fake it till you make it they say but for some celebrities it never lasts and it always ends up with them being exposed to the whole world without even them knowing it.

From being a social media goddess balling with icons like akina Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe to being reported in the news for falling to clear her hotel bills while on a vacation with her lover at English Marina Point. This is not the first time Pendo has reportedly failed to pay her hotel bills and to make it worse is that the men she usually spend them with are usually nowhere to be seen.


They disappear once they have gotten what they want and leave her in trouble. They do not care, instead of going to luxurious places which by the way you cannot afford, invest in that money and trust me you will not regret it.

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Women are the ones who mostly fall prey to this kind of situations all because of show off, see your life now. All I have to say is that stick to your lane, focus on your life and not what people say because trust me no one really cares about you so just live your life and be happy. We are all humans, people will always judge just do not let anyone take advantage of you, learn from Pendo’s experience and let’s hope she will also learn from her mistakes.

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